Six things Donald Trump should do to immediately restart the industrial economy

Eric Eisenhammer

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to revitalize America’s industrial economy.

Why is this important? The industrial economy is the backbone of America. It’s what makes our country strong and it’s what gives us the ability to win wars if we’re attacked.

Here are six things Donald Trump can do to put the industrial economy on the road to immediate recovery:

  1. Train young people for jobs in the real economy

Today, not enough young people are receiving practical training for real world jobs. Skilled trades jobs face a worker shortage as the education system fails to train enough new workers to replace retiring tradesmen.

Meanwhile, America’s once-vaunted universities are turning out increasing numbers of “social justice warriors,” who lack the ability to contribute to our society in any meaningful way. Many employers report college graduates lack basic skills.

  1. Invest in American infrastructure

Infrastructure – highways, ports, railroads and refineries – is the cornerstone of our economy. We conquered the West by building the world’s greatest network of railroads. And upon these rail routes towns and commerce sprang up. Transportation networks spur vectors of growth around them.

  1. Reduce industrial energy costs

Energy is one of the top factors of production in any manufacturing facility, on par with labor costs. That’s why in California, where heavy-handed green mandates have resulted in industrial energy costs more than 50 percent above the national average, hundreds of thousands of good jobs have been lost. However, in states such as Louisiana and South Carolina where regulations are much smarter and energy costs much lower, the industrial economy has expanded.

Donald Trump can unlock, new supplies of abundant and affordable power by tearing up the EPA’s draconian “Clean Power Plan,” and approving new pipelines, such as Keystone XL, and greenlighting oil and gas development plans that are currently tangled up in red tape.

  1. Renew America’s commitment to space exploration

The Space Race of the 1950’s and 1960’s produced tremendous economic benefits by spurring innovation and inspiring a generation of young people to dream of a destiny that reached to the stars. In addition, research conducted as part of the space program led to innovations including artificial limbs, baby formula, the cell phone camera, freeze-dried food, MRI and CAT scans and much more.

Also, a reinvigorated space program could eventually produce colonies on the Moon or on Mars. How cool would that be?

  1. Cut taxes and simplify the tax code

The tax code today has reached nearly 74,000 pages and most Americans agree taxes are too high. The harder an entrepreneur works, the more they have to pay in taxes and much of that money goes to fund wasteful or bureaucratic programs. In addition to producing enormous amounts of stress and grief for millions of Americans, the ridiculously complex tax code has diverted 1.3 million potentially productive people to accounting and auditing jobs.

  1. Protect people from predatory lawyers

While we’re on the topic of professions that don’t contribute to the real economy, let’s discuss trial lawyers. Unlike accountants, who provide a service people actually need as long as politicians insist on maintaining such a complex tax code, there are many examples of predatory lawyers terrorizing innocent business owners.

There are now so many laws that it’s easy to break one without knowing it. Many people’s lives have been ruined because they violated arcane laws that they were unaware existed.