Did Democrats break the Dam? The Oroville Story

David Morgan

February 13, 2017 – Over the weekend 200,000+ people were evacuated from the Oroville/Yuba City area due to a possible breach of containment and the massive hole from erosion on the spillway of the Oroville Dam. First off, the failures of the Oroville dam and spillway rest with Governor Brown, his super-majority Democratic legislature and their out-of-touch masters, the Sierra Club.

For decades, the environmental crusade led by the Sierra Club has lobbied a never-ending battle against current dams and their upkeep; they browbeat anyone who protests their green agenda and ensured that no new storage facilities are built. And to top it all off, every couple of years Sacramento politicians ask for more money to maintain our dams and create more storage yet these funds tend to get spend on welfare and other pet-projects.

In 2014, California passed a $7.5 Billion water bond, of which Governor Brown has spent $0 on new storage facilities or repairing our ever-aging dams during the drought.

Governor Brown and the Democrats have no concerns for public safety. They evacuated fish days before warning people and even went so far to evacuate government employees’ before notifying the general public. Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) was quoted as saying, “…trillions of gallons of water are being lost and people are evacuating their homes. What does it take for the California Democrats to actually fix anything?”

According to the Sacramento Bee, “…the acting director of the state Department of Water Resources brushed aside questions about recommendations made a dozen years ago to upgrade the emergency spillway that nearly failed Sunday.” In their own admittance, if the emergency spillway was used it would wash away soil and could jeopardize the integrity of the whole structure.

They’ve had over a decade to address this structural issue, yet here we are in a state of emergency.

So, the question must be asked: Are the politicians trying to destroy this state or are they simply that reckless when it comes to planning?

The answer is obvious. Sacramento politicians care more for fish and the environment than they do people; yet another reason why a single ruling political party is a terrible idea for the whole state. Governor Brown has made high-speed rail and the delta tunnels his “legacy”.

Brown is in his fourth-term as a governor. He knows exactly what he is doing when he puts more and more regulations into place restricting California and ensuring these crises occur. In order for us to fix California, we need to stop the Sierra Club and their powerful allies in the green lobby and focus on reality.

I wonder what the environmental impact will be if the dam collapses and the flood waters inundate the Capitol itself? Maybe then Governor Brown will see the light.

David Morgan is the Executive Director of the Coalition of Energy Users.