Our tax dollars for roads or illegal immigrant healthcare?

Eric Eisenhammer

Despite the Legislature’s failure to improve road and bridge safety, which has gotten worse since the imposition of the gas tax, now politicians are turning their focus to spending our money on healthcare for illegal immigrants.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s budget plan calls for expanding the number of illegal immigrants eligible for the state’s Medicaid and Medi-Cal programs, and directs $290 million in new spending for this purpose.

Meanwhile, while Californians have come to expect this type of policy from Democrats, some Republicans are also joining in and advocating taxpayer money be spent on healthcare for illegal immigrants.

Brian Dahle wants $20 million for healthcare to 50,000 illegal immigrants.

North State Republican Assemblyman Brian Dahle, who is currently running for a State Senate seat, recently signed on to a letter urging $20 million in funding for healthcare for up to 50,000 illegal immigrants.

Democrats in Sacramento have often shown themselves to be prone to liberal grandstanding. However, Republicans like Brian Dahle should fight back against their misplaced priorities instead of supporting them.

While the political class spends their record budget to support their liberal ideals, GasBuddy ranks California’s prices as the nation’s highest, ahead of even Hawaii.

At just under $4 a gallon, California’s prices are more than $1.50 higher per gallon than Louisiana, the state where motorists enjoy the most reasonably-priced fuel.

Newsom’s budget totals a whopping $214 billion. It’s time for Sacramento to use our tax dollars for roads instead of their political agenda. They’ve promised to focus on roads for way too long and have continuously failed to make the necessary infrastructure improvements a reality.